Here’s the link to the Matrix test when you are completed the online videos.

Take the EFT Level 1 and 2 test HERE when you are ready. Take this test as soon as possible after the course. It allows you to be a “candidate” for certification and you can tap with others as long as you disclose that you are getting certified.

Thank you for allowing me to teach you! Here is the promised information:

Intake Forms

Color of Pain Table (Word)

Lindsay Kenny’s Golden Gate Technique which utilizes Pat Carrington’s Choices Method

Gamut Point Guardian with closing gamut tapping wording

Interview with David Feinstein

Personal Peace Procedure with wording for ending every tapping session (PDF)

Personal Peace Procedure and Movie Technique video for self-help

TAT steps that Karin Uses (PDF)
Tapas’ website

Choice Point:
The Living Matrix Movie:

The movie “The Future of Medicine”:
Part 1 is
Part 2 is
Part 3 is

Addictions Bonus

Words to use when your technology is messing with you HERE (PDF)


EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

Some background

Memory Reconsolidation