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Manifest Your Goals And Dreams Fast by Releasing Negative Patterns Of The Past

Karin Davidson teaches all levels of EFT for self-help and practitioners; and she the first certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in the US. With decades in energy psychology, Karin has created over 100 training video's for EFT Masters and Energy Psychology experts.

Karin's purpose is to introduce you to the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting program and its amazing results so you have the tools to continue on achieving all your goals. This easy to understand and fast acting technique will teach you how to change negative perception of the past and release you from your negative emotions and patterns.

Like its predecessors, Matrix Reimprinting also uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system that has been used in acupuncture for thousands of years. EFT has a long and impressive history of resolving physical and emotional health issues.

Karin Davidson's Matrix Reimprinting Package

Karin Davidson's Matrix Reimprinting offer consists of 4 downloadable DVD videos,with 6 mp3s and handouts, 2 online videos and 5 interview mp3?s that will be of benefit to anyone wishing to clear painful past events, change negative patterns, and prevent and treat issues in their own life or with their clients.

The EFT revolution is spreading so fast that more and more people want to learn how they can use the power of EFT for themselves. Karin Davidson's purpose is to introduce you to the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and its amazing results so you have the tools to continue on to achieve all your goals. Karin teaches all levels of EFT for self-help and practitioners; and she is currently the only certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in the US. She worked with EFT Master Karl Dawson during development of Matrix Reimprinting, and directs its movement in the United States. With decades in energy psychology, Karin has created over 100 video training DVDs for 28 of the 29 EFT Masters. She is also conducts workshops in motivation, team work, training, management, ethics, marketing and writing.

Matrix Reimprinting Program

Over $400 of training and demonstration videos, MP3s, and handouts for only $97!

About Matrix Reimprinting… There is an amazing new self-help and healing technique that has been shown to help us achieve our goals and release the limiting beliefs of our past.

Matrix Reimprinting can help us all. It has evolved into an easy-to-understand, proven, and fast-acting technique which actually changes our perception of the past, releasing us from our negative patterns.

EFT is a popular self-help technique where we tune into a past event where we developed negative learning or have negative surrounding emotions – and as we tune in, we tap on specific acupressure points and this releases the negative emotions.

Over $400 of training and demonstration videos, MP3s, and handouts for only $97!

Item #1 EFT Master Training (Video) $34.95

Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting with EFT Master Karl Dawson

Evolving from the popular self-help technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting is an exciting new technique that is effective in treating emotional and physical issues.

It can also be used to manifest your goals and dreams!

In Matrix Reimprinting we see past negative memories being held as pictures or holograms in your body-field. Until you transform them, you keep tuning into them on a subconscious level and they affect your health, your wellbeing and your point of attraction.

Changing the pictures creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life. And by tapping on the meridians of the body at the same time, the process is accelerated.

The video features these chapters:

  • How It Began
  • The Matrix
  • ECHOs
  • The ECHO is the Client
  • Little Self/Now Self
  • It’s not just Inner Child
  • Finding ECHOs
  • Full Resolution

HowToTap MP3 DownloadItem #2 Five Interviews by Karin Davidson (MP3s) $25.00

Includes 5 Interviews by Karin Davidson

1. Sex in the Matrix
Join me as I interview Sex in the Matrix specialist Alina Frank.

2. Why Matrix Reimprinting When you Have EFT
Interview with Ann Adams, former director of Gary Craig’s EFT Masters program

3. Matrix Reimprinting for Weightloss
Join Dr. Carol Solomon and Matrix Reimprinting trainer Karin Davidson to explore how this new technique can help people who want to lose weight.

4. Even Dr. Pat Carrington Isn’t Perfect
Dr. Pat Carrington is well known in the Meditation field, the EFT field and more. You would think after all she’s been through and accomplished that she would be perfect by now… think again.

5. Lack of Motivation at the Gym
Greg Livernois begins his interview called “Confessions of a Handyman” and soon moves to his motivation issue. After Matrix Reimprinting, Greg can’t wait to use different workout equipment at the gym.

Item #3 Matrix Reimprinting Original Webcourses (MP3s) $240.00

No longer sold!
Selection, with author Sasha Allenby
MP3 files and handouts.
Included in this collection:

  • The Matrix/Matrix Scene Reimprinting
  • The Bodymind/Matrix Memory Reimprinting
  • Stress, Trauma & Disease/Core-Belief Reimprinting
  • Birth Reimprinting Additional Session with Sharon King
  • Morphic Fields and Resonance/Addictions
  • Open Topic/Past Life and Future Self Reimprinting

Plus, you’ll receive this additional information:

  • A detailed introduction to Matrix Reimprinting
  • Instructions on using these techniques on yourself and others
  • The science behind Matrix Reimprinting and why it works
  • Live demonstrations of Matrix Reimprinting in action
  • A different webinar theme each mp3, giving you a wide variety of Matrix Reimprinting applications
  • Guest appearances from leaders in the field of Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting VideoItem #4 Matrix Reimprinting (Video) $8.00

Karin Davidson explains Matrix ECHOS, Trauma Capsules and the Difference between EFT and MR.

Phobia of Singing VideoItem #5 Matrix Reimprinting clears a Phobia of Singing in Public (Video) $20.00

Marie loved to sing but she it was always a terrible ordeal to get herself to be able to sing in front of people. It was a lifelong phobia. In one Matrix Reimprinting session, the phobia is cleared AND she not only sings in front of the audience, but makes up a song on the SPOT!!

Spider Phobia VideoItem #6 Matrix Reimprinting for a Spider Phobia (Video) $20.00

MD has been afraid of spiders since he was a boy. EFT helped but it was one session of Matrix Reimprinting that completely cleared it. To this day, years later, he the fear is still gone.

I Almost Drowned Video

Item #7 Matrix Reimprinting Demos: I Almost Drowned (Video) $20.00

Diane was pulled under the water by an anchor line. As she waited for someone to rescue her, she looked up and saw her 11-year-old son watching her “drown.” The thought of her son having to watch his mother drown has plagued her for over 20 years. This event was so traumatic that no one spoke about what happened from the time she was rescued until now, 20 years later.

In Matrix Reimprinting, dissociation from the event allows the work to flow more smoothly and easily. However, many clients, especially those new to Matrix Reimprinting associate easily to their feelings in a highly traumatic event.

In this video, Trainer Karin Davidson demonstrates many tools to keep the client dissociated.

Little Ralph VideoItem #8 Little Ralph (Video) $8.00

Matrix Reimprinting session: Little Ralph colors his drawing.

Little Ralph colors his drawing and everyone misunderstands! Matrix Reimprinting solves the problem.

How To Tap DVDItem #9 DVD  How To Tap – Intro to Meridian Tapping Techniques: EFT, Talk & Tap, Color of Pain, Matrix Reimprinting $24.99

With Karin Davidson, AAMET EFT Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Trainer

Trainer and practitioner Karin Davidson guides you through this comprehensive beginner’s guide to tapping on your own to resolve emotional issues, feel better, ease pain, attract abundance and live a happier life through the use of Meridian Tapping Techniques. “How to Tap” introduces you to some of the top of these breakthrough techniques and how they can be used to benefit your life, overcome obstacles to success, deal with physical issues, and resolve emotional pain. Recorded as a step-by-step guide, complete with tap-alongs, demonstration examples, and everything you need to utilize these proven self-help techniques, “How to Tap” is a must-have resource for anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on using this relief technique in their own life.


  • Basic EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping points and tools
  • EFT’s Personal Peace Procedure
  • EFT’s Movie Technique with a self-help example
  • A demonstration of the technique with EFT Master Nancy Gnecco
  • Introduction and example of EFT Master Paul Lynch’s Color of Pain
  • Learn the easy and useful technique “Tap and Talk” with a Continuous Tapping Demonstration by EFT Master Gwyneth Moss
  • Learn EFT Master Karl Dawson’s Matrix Reimprinting with a guided self-help session and demonstration